Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cheesecake Recipes

I thought for this edition of the blog I'd share something I wrote for another site.  I am a recipe "expert" for and I recently reviewed cheesecake recipes.  

Cheesecake is like an American pastime. It's almost as all-American as apple pie, but a heck of a lot richer. Unlike apple pie, however, cheesecake is very versatile and comes in different shapes and forms. At the head of the pack is New York style with its creamy demeanor followed by the obviously non-American but still popular Italian-style with its dried crumb. Cheesecake, although a rich elegant treat, can be made low calorie without anyone knowing, and if ease is needed, there are many no-cook styles out there. Bestcovery knows that the true cheesecake lover wants to try a little of each, so we have found the best recipes in each category. So make a shopping list and prepare your friends because cheesecake season has arrived.
Find the recipes here.

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