Thursday, May 6, 2010

Halloumi Cheese

I have to share a discovery with  you!  It's cheese!

I know you're thinking - ummm, cheese, not a new food.  You are correct.  And this cheese isn't new, even to me.  

But it's been years.  And I had forgotten how incredible it is.  Forget the fact that it stays firm when you grill it making it great for a kebab or a fresh tomato salad.  It's the taste.  Absolutely amazing!  Think of a clean mozarella, with an extra salty kick.

Look at those beautiful grill marks.  They were made in a matter of minutes on a hot grill before it was pulled off and diced in a lovely salad.

Think of this for your next cookout, great for kababs, or grilled then alternated with sliced tomatoes.  It will WOW your guests!


  1. We LOVE halloumi! Thanks for the reminder. I have a good recipe somewhere in my files for grilled halloumi served over a couscous with grape tomatoes and snap peas. Very tasty.

  2. Ok, that sounds Amazing!!!