Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big Green Egg

Ahhh, the Big Green Egg. Ceramic. Heavy! Part grill, part smoker. Amazing!

I dont know how long Bo has coveted the Big Green Egg, but I started hearing about it in November. It was shown to me. With a longing in his eyes usually reserved for automobiles.

Yes, we already have a grill - a gas grill. I never knew how inefficient it was until this past week! It doesnt heat up as quickly, it doesnt get as hot, and it doesnt lend a smoky element to the food.

The Egg does. Our first Egg meal was sirloin, mushrooms and potatoes. Bo wanted to make sure you could see the smoke coming out the top.

Steak seared to perfection - check! Mushrooms nice and juicy with undertones of smoke - check. Potato nice and crispy - check!

Since this meal we have tried chicken, pizza and burgers. All with amazing results.

We are currently taking reservations for dinner!

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