Monday, May 24, 2010

What is YOUR obsession?

Are you a collector? Do you have an obsession?

Mine is cookbooks. Im serious. I love them. I get a new one and I sit down to read it like a novel. I add post-its to all the recipes I am going to "immediately" try. I change their configuration on the shelves every few months. I categorize them by cuisine, type of food, then by how often I use them.

Every time I buy a new one, I seriously tell myself "This is the last one. Once I have this one, I will need no others". I honestly believe this at the time I am saying it.

The last one I bought was two weeks ago. I already have two more on my Amazon wish list.

I think its a sickness.

Now I constantly assure Bo that I have friends with many more cookbooks than I have - and its true. I know people with 300-500 books. His and mine together total at about 80.

I'm working hard to rectify this number.

Of course if I had kept every cookbook I had ever purchased I'm sure the number would teeter toward 200.

But I didn't and it doesn't.

You are currently looking at the books I reach for the most these days. I am considering a new ice cream book for this section

It will be the last cookbook I ever need!

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