Monday, August 24, 2009

A few foodie moments

reuben, originally uploaded by Kim De.

I have been out of pocket for several days. We took a trip to Cincinnati for the ATP tennis tournaments. I love to explore a city for what food offerings I can find, and this trip made no exception.

The picture above is from our night in Louisville. We ate at an Irish Pub in a touristy area called Fourth Street Live. You see a reuben with a side of chips with curry. We discovered two things about chips and curry:

1. Curry sauce doesnt belong on french fries; and
2. An Irish Pub should never serve curry anything to an Indian boy :)

Friday I dropped Bo off at the tournaments and headed into downtown Cincinnati. I had been looking forward to visiting the Findlay Market. I LOVE seeing how cities set up their markets. This one was great. One stop shopping for produce, seafood, name it is was there.

The weather was great, especially for August! After a pass around the shops, I stopped at Angelina Fine Italian Foods for lunch, which I was able to eat outdoors. Please forgive the picture, taken with my phone, as it really doesnt do the sandwich justice.

After spending quite some time perusing the menu, I landed on one of their paninis. It was a salty pancetta, and a sharp brie with slices of tart apple pressed between a homemade baguette. I can tell you I would not have ever thought of putting those flavors together, but now that I have experienced them, I will be doing a replication.

My dream, a foodie weekend. Bo's dream, a tennis weekend. I had to include a final shot of Roger Federrer playing tennis.

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