Friday, August 28, 2009

An experimental pizza

canadian bacon pineapple za, originally uploaded by Kim De.

An exciting thing happened Thursday night. Bo told me that he remembered that is was pizza night and got excited! - Remember, this is the boy who DOESNT LIKE PIZZA! He has, however, decided he likes mine, and likes them so much that he looks forward to a pizza dinner!

Thursday's offering was a variation on the pineapple/canadian bacon pizza. I am usually not a fan of pineapple on a pizza, but Bo likes it, so I wanted to make it for him. I was thinking that roasted poblanos might add a touch of heat as well as the smoky flavor to tie in with the canadian bacon - then it hit me. If I was going to roast the pepper and quickly grill the bacon, why not also grill the pineapple!

To construct, I decided to put a thin layer of marinara on the homemade crust before laying down the thin slices of poblano pepper, roasted and peeled. I wanted that to be the highlight, so only one chunk of char-grilled pineapple and one square of bacon was placed between the peppers. Then a few small slices of fresh mozzarella were placed on top before sliding the pizza into a 550 degree oven. 7 minutes later it was ready to come out and after a brief rest, it was ready for slicing.

Bo enjoyed his favorite flavors of pepper, canadian bacon and pineapple together and I was able to handle the pineapple because of the char flavor, and meat because I love my husband. :)

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