Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The New Year in cooking

I feel as though cooking and my blog have been neglected in the last part of 2011.  Between my unexpected surgery in early October then Bo's dad passing away in India and the recovery of those events leading up to Thanksgiving then the crazy holiday season, I really haven't been in the mood to either cook or blog.  Oh, and I started working part time again (my own fun idea) in the midst of all this.  So add up all of these things and the creation of meals really has been far from my mind.

But things feel differently since we arrived home on January 2nd.  A sense of calm has taken over our home and with it the stirrings to cook healthy meals and write about them -along with a few goals. Nothing really earth shattering or different, but more a revitalizing of what I already try to do.

So with that intro here are my cooking goals for 2012:
1. Make fish/seafood at least 1x a week and preferably 2x.
2. Have a bean centered meal 1x a week.
3. Incorporate vegetables into weekend lunches.
4. Make 2 vegetables for every dinner.

And that is it.  Nothing too earth-shattering.

Oh - and we finally got a new camera so I can get back to taking pretty pictures again (once I learn to use it that is!)

Happy New Year!  What are your goals?

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