Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Product Review: Newtons Fruit Thins

I don't normally like store purchased cookies but I have to admit a fondness for Fig Newtons.  As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers program I get the opportunity to try new things sometimes so when a chance to taste-test these new cookies came along I jumped at it.

I'm not sure if I'm happy about this or not.  You see, I liked them.  They are a whole-grain shortbread cookie, so not too sweet.     

They have chewy bits of dried cranberry for a great tang plus a hint of orange zest that didn't have a "chemical" flavor.  That is the part that surprised me the most!

So if you enjoy these flavors I think you might like these bits of crumbly goodness.  Give them a try!


  1. Kim, we just tried the blueberry ones. I really liked the flavor of the cookie. My only minor complaint was that the chewiness of the dried blueberries lasted a bit too long after the cookie was gone, if that makes sense. But nice flavor and the cookie texture was good!

  2. Interesting - I was just pleased that the orange flavor didnt taste too artificial. I wonder if the cranberry lingered and I didnt notice it....