Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Egg in a Spinach Nest

Like a lot of things I cook, the picture just doesn't do the food justice.  I was watching reruns of Molto Mario and saw him saute some spinach then poach eggs in small pockets.  That was something I needed to make!
Because of the ease of  the dish, I didn't search for his recipe.  Instead I took fate in my hands and decided to wing it.  So, in lieu of a recipe, this is what I did:
  1. I washed and dried one head of curly lettuce then tore it into pieces. 
  2. Minced 4 cloves of garlic.
  3. Twirled a saute pan with olive oil and sauteed the garlic for 30 seconds on medium low.
  4. Added the spinach , sea salt and pepper and tossed around to slightly wilt.
  5. Cracked 4 eggs into small saucers. (I did this one at a time)  Made 4 "dents" in the spinach and added an egg to each dent.
  6. Turned the heat to low, covered the pan and cooked until the egg whites were cooked but the yolk was still soft (cook longer if you don't like your eggs this way)
  7. Grated parmesan cheese over the top then scooped out each egg with lots of the surrounding spinach onto plates.  
We ate this with crusty bread.  Yummy dinner!

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