Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wild Wednesday - Roast Inc

Ahhhh.  The beauty of morning coffee.  Open the bag - you see beans and think "Mmmmm, coffee beans".  Then you take a whiff.  You do it again just to make sure.  No, you were right.  The fragrance is intoxicating.  Rich.  Bold.  A hint of sweet.  Just enough bitter mixed in. 

The beans are ground while the water gently bubbles to its peak.  Together they dance into the waiting press.  Then it begins.  The time.  Has 4 minutes ever ticked by so slowly?

As the brewing process reaches crescendo the scent rises in the air.  It is familiar and comforting.  Ahhhhh.  Coffee.  Smooth and pleasant.  Rich and full without being burnt or bitter. 

Pretty darn near perfection.

With this amount of passion I must be speaking of a large, well known company!  SURPRISE!  This love goes out to Roast, inc .

I first discovered Brad and Lesa Wood and their beans at the East Nashville Farmers Market, where you can find them every Wednesday.  However my first taste experience was after having the beans delivered to my door.  Yes folks, they deliver! 

And their coffee!  It is all single origin.  Brad and Lesa spend time learning about the beans and the growers before purchasing.  Ask before you buy as they love to share their knowledge with their customers.

Being me, I love the fact that they are believers in slow food and that a minimum of 25% of their profits go back to the country of origin to support charitable causes.  

Soon you will be able to visit with Brad and Lesa away from the markets.  In mid July they will open their roastery and coffee house to the public.  Stop in!  Enjoy coffee by the cup brewed by French Press, Pour Over, Siphon Brewer or Chemex methods.  Sweet, thick espresso will also be available to those needing their fix.

While you are there, take the opportunity to roast and learn cupping from them and, of course, purchase fresh beans.  What an exciting opportunity to learn why you experience joy in your morning cup!

If you are in the Nashville area, or will be visiting, I can personally recommend stopping by to see Brad or Lesa.  From one coffee snob to another!

Roast, inc
4825 Trousdale Drive Ste 211
Nashville TN

And while we are on the subject of local foods, here is #3 in Top 10 Reasons to Buy Local

Local food is GMO-free. Although biotechnology companies have been trying to commercialize genetically modified fruits and vegetables, they are currently licensing them only to large factory-style farms. Local farmers don’t have access to genetically modified seed and most of them wouldn’t use it even if they could. A June 2001 survey by ABC News showed that 93% of Americans want labels on genetically modified food – mostly so they can avoid it.


  1. Oh, how lovely! I don't think I've ever seen fresh coffee beans before. I will say, though, that after this post, I'm never going to sleep tonight. Because I'm going to make a pot right now. Just can't help myself. Wish I had summa them beans, though.

  2. Boy do they smell good! Try to find some in your ares - You will never go back to the "big co" stuff!