Friday, May 14, 2010

Strawberries with Yogurt "Cream"

Looks tasty, huh?  Trust me, it was!

I sure do love the season's first berries!  These were tasty, not as good as they will be later in the season, but surely welcome to someone who hasn't had any in several months!

So when strawberries arrived in the store, I knew they had to be a dessert for us.  A simple dessert, as strawberries don't need much adornment.

So they were sliced into a bowl.  A few shakes of a good balsamic vinegar was mixed in.  A touch of honey was added to Greek yogurt and placed on the top of the red mound. (PLEASE try to use true Greek yogurt with it's thick creaminess for this!)  And for fun a few dark chocolate chips were carelessly tossed on. 

Please forgive me the foam bowl.  We are under water rationing here 
in Nashville due to our floods and trying to use/wash less dishes

Notice there is no recipe.  That's because, well, there is no recipe.  This is something I "threw" together without measuring.  Feel free to change things up a bit.  But please promise me you will do the most important part of this recipe - share it with someone.

See, two forks one bowl!

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