Monday, April 12, 2010

No, I didnt forget my little blog...

Yes, I was supposed to be back from India April 9th. Yes I was supposed to be cooking and blogging by now. But a funny thing happened on the way to the U.S...

The night before we were set to leave I became very ill. Yes, I was careful. No, I didnt drink the water. No, I didnt eat raw fruits and veggies. Yes, we only ate at nice restaurants with great reputations.

Despite all this, I became quite sick and was rushed off to the hospital. Let me tell you - I received excellent care! I was prepared for a few hours in the ER with a IV to rehydrate me. Instead they immediately admitted me and I was there for three days. Out of the hospital for the 2nd day and on the mend, a flight out wasnt available until April 14, so here we still are.

And I'm thinking it may be a few days before I feel like cooking!

In the meantime, above is a photo I took from the Taj. Luckily my illness happened the night we came back, so the side trip still happened.

Look carefully at the girl hiding behind her mother on the left foreground. She has a cell phone in her right hand and is taking my picture. Oh yes. I was quite the celebrity there!

Think good cooking thoughts for me, wont you?


  1. Yikes! Glad you're back, but sorry about the reason for your extended stay! I hope you're feeling 100% now!

  2. Hi Heather - getting close to 100% - if only I had ANY interest in food...