Monday, February 15, 2010

Pre-Valentine's Tapas Night

valentine's tapas, originally uploaded by Kim De.

Friday night we did dinner at home. It was decided in advance that a quiet evening with music and tasty snacks was in order, so enter tapas.

The evening started with Spanish olives and gazpacho, with glasses of Rioja to wash it down. This part was prepped before Bo arrived home and it gave us a chance to sit and talk and listen to some Flamenco music.

When our stomachs felt satisfied, we headed to the kitchen for the teamwork part of the evening. While Bo steamed the Spicy Mussels with White Wine, I made the Calamares A La Plancha and the Ajillo Mushrooms (blogged about here).

Bo thought it important to have a shot of me cooking

This part of the evening was fun, as we don't cook together very often. As you can see from the title picture, it all came to the table with crusty bread for sopping up the mushroom and mussel juices, and of course more of that fantastic Rioja.

Our evening ended with Chocolate-Almond Torte, which I hinted about in this post. As with the rest of the dishes here, more will be said on this recipe later. I can tell you this: Save your calories. It is worth it!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Weekend!

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