Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pure and Simple Shaken Margarita

margarita, originally uploaded by Kim De.

A margarita during a snowstorm. What could be better?

As Tennessee digs out from 5 inches of snow and 2 inches of ice, I feel the need to share a tatsy cocktail. A simple cocktail. A sweet and sour cocktail.

If you love a "margarita" from most restaurants, chances are you aren't getting a true margarita. You are getting tequilla mixed with an artificial syrupy-sweet lime concoction.

Let me introduce you to Margarita. She is a very simple drink. She is made with only a few ingredients. There are variations on this theme, some who dont use orange liquor, some that include a simple syrup, but I guarantee that none include artificial lime flavoring or artificial sweetener.

Now that the lesson is out of the way, lets drink!

Pure and Simple Margarita (Rick Bayless)

1 cup tequila, preferably a young silver or reposado 100% agave tequila
1/2 cup Cointreau or other orange liqueur
1/3 cup fresh lime juice, plus a little extra for moistening the rim of the glasses
A little sugar if necessary (NOTE: unless you are used to the strong and tart flavor of tequilla with lime, you will want to add sugar to taste)
About 1/3 cup coarse (Kosher) salt for crusting the rim of the glasses
About 3 cups medium ice cubes

In a small pitcher, combine the tequila, orange liqueur and lime. Taste and decide if you think the mixture needs to be a little sweeter or a little tangier (keep in mind that it will taste a little tangier once it’s been shaken). Add a bit more lime or a touch of sugar, if necessary.

Spread out the salt onto a small plate. Moisten the rim of four 6-ounce martini glasses with a little lime juice (if you have a cut lime, even an already-squeezed one, moisten the rims by running it around them). One by one, turn the glasses over and dip them lightly in the salt, creating a thin, even crust all around the rim.

Pour half of the margarita mixture into a cocktail shaker, add half of the ice cubes. Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds (this is important to achieve the perfect strength–some of the ice needs to melt into the margarita–and the right degree of frostiness). Strain into the prepared glasses, then repeat with the remaining margarita mixture.


  1. Too bad I read this on a Sunday and have no cointraeu in my house. You've just made me very thirsty! Have you tried adding Corona to your magarita? It's a little twist we use and it makes it really good. : ) Love ya!

  2. I have not, but I loooove trying 'ritas new ways!!