Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cocktail Hour

Snrse, originally uploaded by Kim De.

My oven died!!! I had beautiful biscotti all prepped to bake, then blog, but the cooking gods were having fun at my expense today. So what so you do when your day gets messed up? Make a cocktail, of course!

In reality I had planned to make this drink anyway. It was blogged earlier in the week by my friend Terri on her blog, A Girl in the South and had some of my favorite drink ingredients in it: Cranberry juice and tequila. Being a Cosmo and Cape Cod girl (cranberry and vodka), but also having a love for tequila, it seemed a perfect choice to mix things up!

I didnt have and "margarita" tequila in house so I pulled my "sipping stuff" out of the freezer.

Since my juice was the 100% juice kind, I was worried that 4 limes would be too much, so I cut that in half. Also, with the juice having no sweetener, a touch of triple sec or simple syrup is called for. Otherwise, mix, drink and have a fiesta!

West-Texas Sunrise

6 oz Cranberry Juice
6 oz Tequila
Juice of 4 limes
Crushed Ice

Put all the ingredients in a shaker. Shake well and pour into wine

Recipe Source: Any Bitch Can Drink


  1. Hey Kim - Sorry to hear about your oven!!! Will you have to get a new one? But on the flip side - a great thing, that cocktail! I"m so glad you enjoyed it! Today's (providing I can pick up the ingredients today) will a GOOD one!

  2. Dunno - the "guy" will be here "sometime" this am to give me the news...

    Cant wait to see today's drink!!!!